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  4. Anyone know where this dress is from?!

  5. Charlotte’s floral smock that she wore to meet fans in Australia is from Asos.

    Unfortunately it’s currently sold out from the UK store but you may be able to order it from the American store still. Also some people have been selling them on Ebay but I can only find finished listings :(


  6. Anonymous asked: Can you please find out where charlottes shirt from the goldcoast meet and greet is from

    The floral one I’m just about to post, the teddy bear one I haven’t yet found, so if anyone has any ideas?


  7. littlewhiteflies:

    Tonight I met Charlotte 😊
    Free ticket, thought I’ll lap it up 😊😊✌️

  8. mustlovecharlottecrosby:

    #CharlotteGShore #CharlotteLetitia #GeordieShore #CBB #CBBUK #CharlotteCrosby

  9. Charlotte just posted this snap of her new tattoo to her instagram page. It’s two roses on her hip.
    She got it done at Bondi Ink, the same as her last one.

    What do you think?


  10. Anonymous asked: You're very pretty!! Aww I'm jealous! :D

    That’s really sweet of you thank you! I’m sure you’re gorgeous x