1. Not gonna lie, Holly looks banging!

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    Charlotte Crosby puts on a brave face as she hits Newcastle for night out after revealing ex-boyfriend Mitch Jenkins dumped her by text

    She has been left heartbroken since being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend over the summer.

    But Charlotte Crosby is refusing to wallow at home any longer and returned to the single scene of her native Newcastle over the weekend.

    Gathering up her Geordie Shore girls - Holly Hagan and former castmember Sophie Kasaei - the 24-year-old put on a brave face as they hit the local night scene.

    Looking svelte after a two stone weightloss, Charlotte went into glam overload with long blonde hair extensions and full make-up.

    Showing off her new figure in a tight blue dress, Charlotte left her legs on display, completing her look with a pair of strappy white heels.

    In support of her big night out, the former Celebrity Big Brother winner’s two cohorts ensured they were the perfect wingwomen - Holly exposed her stomach in a black-and-white striped crop top while Sophie opted for a white top and patterned skirt.

    The trio and their gal pals lapped up the attention as they strutted through the northern city’s party district as they headed to their regular haunts Bijoux and Tup Tup Palace.

    Fun with her friends is the perfect medicine for Charlotte’s broken heart after her beau of a year and a half, Mitch Jenkins, dumped her via text in July.

    Opening up about the devastating end to their romance, she told the MailOnline exclusively: ‘I never wanted to end things. 

    'It was at a point in our relationship where I was really down. I did get the feeling sometimes that he didn’t care as much and that he’d stopped loving me.

    ‘It was starting to make my feelings change and make me a miserable person.’

    She decided to take the bull by horns and contact Mitch to try and sort things between them - only for him to end the text in his reply. 

    She added: ‘I went to test him, I said: “I think we need to talk, I’m not very happy at all at the minute.” He was messaging me loads and loads… [But later] he said he was going out with his friends…

    ‘I was meant to be ringing him at 9pm. And I just got a message on my phone saying “Charlotte, it’s obvious you don’t want to be with me anymore, so I’ll just cut the bulls**t and I’ll finish things now.”’

    The reality TV star has since revealed that she is still struggling to get over their romance, and can break down over the tiniest things.

    She told Closer magazine: ‘I just can’t stop thinking about him… I’m having a good day today but yesterday I was having a bad day and I cried four times. It’s still so raw.’

    However, one of the Geordie Shore girls is having more luck in the love department - Holly has been growing increasingly close to new housemate Kyle Christie in recent weeks.

    The pair were spotted getting close as they enjoyed a dinner date at Newcastle’s Fat Buddha restaurant, cosying up over a romantic meal before leaving the eatery hand-in-hand.


  4. Anonymous said: Did Char and Mitch break up? Why is she Holding hands with gaz again? Omg cant wait for series 9

    Hey, I don’t think the pictures of Char and Gaz holding hands mean anything. They’re part of a photoset that includes Marnie and Aaron, as well as Holly and Kyle holding hands whilst exiting the club xx

  5. Get Charlottes monochrome vest she wore on a recent night out in Newcastle here!

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    words to live by.


  9. Okay so tomorrow is my last day I Uni for summer so will try and be on the ball if people have asks.
    Also considering doing some look-a-like posts or like ‘wish-lists’ so lemme know if you’d like anything like that xx


  10. june0808 said: I just wanted to ask you, if you know where charlotte has her brown leather bag from. Lovely greetings from Germany :)

    I’m sorry, which bag? xx