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    words to live by.


  3. Okay so tomorrow is my last day I Uni for summer so will try and be on the ball if people have asks.
    Also considering doing some look-a-like posts or like ‘wish-lists’ so lemme know if you’d like anything like that xx


  4. june0808 said: I just wanted to ask you, if you know where charlotte has her brown leather bag from. Lovely greetings from Germany :)

    I’m sorry, which bag? xx


  5. Anonymous said: Why would you make a page about this fat awful ugly stupid orange whore?

    Because I have nothin better to do in my free time.


  6. "I’ve always known Gaz wanted to get on with Marnie, but he is breaking the lad-code. I just can’t wait for Charlotte to be single and crack on with her."
    — Scott (Geordie Shore)

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  8. It was my 21st Sunday 😍😍😍


  10. Shop Charlotte’s actual waredrobe